Motive Experts!

Whether you believe in such concepts as “fate” or “signs from God”, or (substitute your own term for divine intervention or synchronicity), every now and then life reveals glimpses or reminders of the path to which we’ve devoted ourselves.

Keli, my wife, and I were walking into a store not long ago, around sunset. The time of day proved significant because businesses had just clicked on their lights for the evening. I glanced across the street and saw, in bright yellow and red neon lights, “MOTIVE EXPERTS!” Because the sun had not yet set, I could still make out the letters whose lights had burned out: “Auto” immediately before the phrase still illuminated. So the business that actually called itself “AUTOMOTIVE EXPERTS” was inadvertently posing as a justification/excuse depot!

Not that excuses are always bad. I realize that we typically associate “excuses” as being bad things. Similarly, “motives” seem to get a bad rap, as though they only drive illicit actions. I’d challenge you to be a bit more flexible in your thinking about these words because “Fear of Death” is, in my judgment, a legitimate excuse, or reason, to not engage in highly dangerous activities. Likewise, “Desire to become financially abundant or even wealthy” is a pretty good motive for choosing a career path carefully, then working hard.  A very good motive.

Though as I glanced at the half-functioning sign, I pointed it out to my wife and we remarked at to how convenient it was to have a local store providing motives or reasons If anyone was in need of a good motive for succeeding, they had a convenient, one-stop location to visit!

This was actually quite similar to when we’d gone to Las Vegas and been surrounded by ubiquitous “Change Machines”. When I mentioned this to Keli, she reminded me of the actual people walking around, offering change, with labels on their uniforms reading “Change Agent”.

If you’re into hypnosis, you already see the opportunities inherent in such terms.

Even if you’re not yet, just picture a friendly Change Agent walking around, just waiting for the opportunity to help you make that change you’ve wanted. Or if you prefer the privacy afforded by a machine or kiosk, you could simply locate a “Change Machine”.

Not fully ready, but wanting that change to begin now?

It sounds like you might just need a better motive! I’m sure such stores exist in other cities, but if you happen to be in the Austin, Tx area, just look up “Motive Experts” and see if you can’t find the same place we did. (Bear with me, this is hypnosis and/or NLP!) Just imagine yourself walking up to a store with a bright red and yellow neon sign reading, “MOTIVE EXPERTS” Imagine yourself choosing a motive that’s right for you, trying it out, and proceeding right on to your change. Then at that point of course you could enlist the assistance of a Change Agent or just use a handy Change Machine!

If your NLP education is coming along, this makes perfect sense to you. If not, permit your curiosity to guide you and look into learning more. There are several reputable NLP trainers and coaches who can assist you in finding your own Motive Expert and Change Agent. Hint: It actually exists within you right now!

Have fun, and remember: It’s your brain, you can run it any way you want to. And NOW!

Copyright © 2015 Chris Gingolph

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