I’ve been asked repeatedly by amazing people like you to put this information into book form. Not everyone prefers to start with a live event, where I work directly with you, tuning up your skills to ensure you are creating the most influence, exerting the most persuasion and with the most integrity you can. So here it is, Book 1 of 4 in the Sublinfluence™ series. Books 1 and 2 cover all the basics, everything you need to know to become your most exceptional self. MindLeading™: How to Win, Influence, & Get Your Way – Use Hypnosis & NLP to Create Mind-warping Persuasion (Sublinfluence™ – Creating Win-wins to get your way! Book 1) lays the foundation for what you need to know to increase your level of persuasion vastly beyond what you may have known to be possible.

Book 2 will extend the knowledge, introducing more patterns and skills, building upon this volume. Then Book 3 will apply these skills specifically to Sales. And if you think you’re not in Sales, you don’t yet know that it’s part of every single interaction you have with others. We are constantly “selling” our opinion, perspective, proposal, and in any scenario where we deal with other people. Believe me, this is relevant to you. Finally, Book 4 applies these technologies to our careers. In any time, regardless of the professional climate, managing and developing our careers and our influence in the workplace, is vital. Book 4 applies these skills specifically to this domain and enables you to become vastly more powerful in your own workplace.

But begin here. Now. Begin learning what’s possible. Learn how the base skills of Sublinfluence™ afford you such powerful insight and entree into others’ minds that you appear to be mindreading. Then take that next step and utilize what you learn…develop your ability to lead, influence others. Learn MindLeading™!