“Unconsciously arousing Excellence in all areas of your life”

This site exists to share with you the things that I do…from working with complex information systems to even more complex human systems. My focus will be on the latter, because far and away, that is the area people most frequently ask me about.

Within these pages, I will confess that I work with cybersecurity, computer networks, hacking (grey hat, thank you very much), and information systems. But we will spend far more time with how I work with private clients doing change-work. That work leverages tools like hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and with it, I have helped my clients do everything from improve their marriages, lose phobias, to fine-tune their professional behaviors and achieve more than they had ever thought possible.

Everything can be accomplished with enough skill and the right strategy. That is true of both areas in which I work.

I am currently completing a book on Influence at the unconscious level. As an NLP consultant and trainer for several years, I’ve studied the topic extensively. It’s been a passionate interest for me ever since I realized how television commercials really work, how politicians convince us to vote, and how great lovers seduce us. Most of us, when thusly seduced, have no idea that the drive to behave as we do is in fact programmed into us, leveraging cultural and historical imprints and conditioning. It all seems to come from within us, as though we somehow chose that option of our own free will.

Whatever you focus on, whatever you read about, think about, discuss, explore, etc., you will become good at. I’ve known people whom I consider giants in their fields who possessed little or no formal training. But with an intense passion they explored that field and inevitably became really good at it.

While I did get my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I had always been told that in order to make a living in that field, I would need a graduate degree. Since this sage advice was seldom specific, when I pursued my graduate studies, I did so in Computer Information Systems. Yet as I worked on my Master’s of Science degree, I was continually impressed by the high amount of overlap between the two fields.

Nonetheless, it turns out that the advice I got was right – with a graduate degree that followed, an undergrad Psych student could indeed make a decent living!

Still, as the parallel patterns between Information Systems and Psychology became obvious, I dug deeper and found that there was much that each field could do to advance the other. That is a large part of my purpose here: to share what I have learned, to advance your skill and capability in whatever arena you desire.

You may notice that the format of these articles is concise. I’ve attempted to be as direct as a hypnotist can ever truly be… In your mind, you may think of this as helpful, brief, targeted, and ours. It’s how we already think, we’re just refining it and focusing it here.

Open your mind and have fun – there is a lot to consider. And if I’m right, you will be able to do great things with this information.


Now is the time. Don’t put it off until now!

All content copyright 2012, 2020 Chris Gingolph, MastersWorks, Ltd.

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  1. Pretty great post. ӏ simply stumbled սpon your weblog
    and wished to saу that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your weblog posts.
    Αfter all I’ll be subscribing for your rss feed аnd
    I hope ƴoս write ߋnce more soߋn!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. As you can read in my post today, I was out of commission for a few months due to a head injury sustained in a car accident. I’ve healed entirely, and I’m back on blogging detail! Again, thank you for reaching out!

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