My Question

The work for Books 1.666, Book 2, 2.666, and 3 are intensely underway and in various stages of completion and editing. So this request, I promise, will have NO bearing on those volumes of The Necropath Series or their release.

I have, in spare moments, begun sketching out a thriller that deals with the divisive nature of US politics in the 21st century. It prominently will feature extremists on both sides of “the aisle”, and will play with the antagonistic, ugly relationship that has devolved between the Right the the Left.

Here’s my request. No judgment, I promise you, WHEREVER you are on that spectrum, whether you are a devout, Bible-thumping Christian who believes the Republican Party is your best chance of representation, a Leftist who believes that social injustice is a bigger problem then exploring Venus, or anywhere in between… You might be a socialist who believes that inequality in any form is indefensible. You might be a Rightist who believes that people need to quit complaining and work for what they seek. You might be a combination of extremes–you might either embrace both extremes or reject both. Here’s what I want to know, no matter who you are:

What do you wish “the other side” understood about you? If you’re a Trump supporter, do you wish the other side knew you weren’t racist? If you’re a Hillary supporter, do you wish the other side knew you weren’t mean? If you’re a Bernie supporter, do you wish the other side knew you weren’t a communist? And so on… Again, no judgments. Whomever you supported in the last Presidential election, you had your reasons. And as a student of human behavior, I just might already know those reasons. But I confess I’m at a loss for what you might say to your opposition. And that’s what I want to know.

This will not be a Necropath book, but it is a one-off, a standalone novel that will explore the darker sides of human politics, and I suspect that even if you’re a Necropath fan, you will like this.

And to be sure, please make sure your perspective is represented. Please use the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of the page to offer your input. I will NOT publish it here. You can speak freely, and I promise there will be no repercussions from this side of the Web. I will not share your answer, though I do ask that you answer in the spirit with which the question was asked. This is not mean-spirited or partisan. This is coming from a genuine desire to understand you.

I await your replies, and thank you, as always, for your messages.

Yours Darkly,

Christian Masters