Message to YOU

During this time of uncertainty, I realize that our priorities may have been forcibly shifted for us by circumstances. There is no point in trying to compare the impact of a shared crisis on different people. While some of us have lost our jobs in the pandemic-driven crisis, others are having to work from home and may be finding it quite difficult. Still others were unemployed before this thing began, and are in no better a place today. Let’s do what we can to set aside our judgments and just try to keep it together. I’m going to focus on improving ourselves as I always do. But in so doing, let’s show some compassion for others around us who may be struggling.

We’re going to make it through this–a fact that will seem amusing months after it’s actually passed. As in, “Of course we’ll get through it!” Though in the middle of the storm, so to speak, it’s often difficult to see that endpoint. For many people, it can be quite frightening.

Let’s do what we can–and you’d be surprised by just how much that really is–to remain focused and clear-headed. The time for influence is now and the people we must begin influencing are us.