While we hope these articles are useful and tickle your brain enough to engage your heart, making you want to make your life better, many of us want some hands-on coaching, services that, while structured in nature, can be tailored to your specific needs.

We offer one-on-one sessions, corporate trainings, lead group sessions, and couples work.

We excel at refining process, designing human systems, solving problems by redirecting the flow of intention and action in a more productive direction. Companies have found this invaluable in enhancing efficiency, maximizing productivity, developing more effective teams, and more. NLP has a long history of excellence in this and in related pursuits.

At the core of interpersonal interaction is the “Relationship Map”, and we begin a lot of work there. Below are multiple levels of work we can do with you, some quite deep down, some with your partner, to help you design the ideal destination for your Relationship Map and your Life Map, and, as importantly, how to design the journey you (and your partner) will embark upon together. All in our quest for, we assure you, the very real, Happily Ever After.

Remember, NLP is all about Engineering Excellence. There is no limit to what you can accomplish, in any area of your life. We can help.

It’s up to you – choose now to begin your journey! Below, choose where you need to begin, and invite me to become your tour guide!

Dipping Toes. This one-day workshop introduces you to the power within you right now. Dip your toes in, the water is fine. And then, only as you’re ready, JUMP IN!

  • Conscious mind, meet your unconscious mind
  • Learn about how distinct perceptions, distinct experiences, can change everything
  • Guided visualization to introduce you to your higher self, and if you’ve already met, re-acquainting you, reminding you of how it has always been there for you, and what it knows is best for you
  • A brief primer on Sublinfluence™: How can it help you? How could it have hurt you if you hadn’t mastered it?
  • Making the decision to succeed, to own your results!

Change the world–starting with your own™. Here, in one of the most powerful weekends you will have experienced by the way, we tap into the massive power you have within you. Each of us has something we would like to improve, if only a little. Then again, if we’re going to do it, why not do it big? Let’s aim for MASSIVE CHANGE!

  • The foundation class, the beginning of Sublinfluence™
  • Begin re-engineering your internal experience to cultivate external results
  • Learn how “as inside, so outside” gives you greater control over your environment than you’d ever thought possible.
  • Give up the negative influences in your mind and broker compromises with them–so you get what you want and no one has to feel bad
  • Learn about Influence Actuators and how they automate your achievement
  • Have fun actively creating a real, exciting difference in your outcomes
  • Develop social skills and up the ante on your Influence Quotient™

Sublinfluence™. This two-weekend workshop focuses on how to get what you want by subliminally influencing others–as well as yourself. This expands on the content found in the upcoming book of the same name, and covers all areas of interpersonal as well as intrapersonal persuasion.

  • How we decide between options–Is it really conscious at all?
  • How we can insert ourselves into that process within others’ minds
  • How the best techniques of advertisers can help you in your love life
  • Learning how we create the basis of persuasion in the moment by now setting the stage for success
  • OYO! Own Your Outcome.
  • Supercharge your Influence Quotient™! Create unimaginable persuasive ability such that your world becomes much more manageable, more predictable (except where the novelty appeals to you), and much more successful

Relationship Map 101: Introduction to Mapmaking – Discovering Your Relationship Map. In this play-shop, first introduced in the Austin NLP Meet-Up, Feb, 2013, (, we assist you in discovering your map, whether you are an individual trying to find the right relationship for you, or a couple trying to understand where things are going right, why they may be going wrong, and how to have much more of the former than the latter.

  • Learning to speak the same love-language
  • Discovering the Relationship Map
  • Learning how our own Maps of the World influence the Relationship Map
  • Identifying guideposts along the way – landmarks to help us spot upcoming conflict, strife, and to detour in a more constructive, loving fashion
  • “Fighting Fair” – Disagreeing, even arguing, according to the Relationship Map – where no one gets hurt
  • Updating the Relationship Map when things change
  • Understanding how external forces influence our Relationship Map over time – we aren’t the only ones with high Influence Quotient™ we will meet!

This is not necessarily a prerequisite to the 201 workshop, though it’s strongly recommended until you are well versed with your own, and your partner’s, Relationship Map.

The second step, which builds on the first, is for couples who have encountered challenges, and have not yet found the right tools or skills to enjoy a fully satisfying relationship. Available since November, 2014, we proudly offer:

Relationship Map 201: Maintaining and Updating the Map.

In this play-shop, we discover and explore:

  • Incongruent or aggressive behavior
  • Inappropriate amounts or degree of conflict
  • Separation, and threats of separation
  • Infidelity, and other broken promises
  • Daily interaction – are we acting like one another’s best friend?
  • The Crossroads – the place where we confront our challenges, decide whether they, or our love, is greater, and we decide: Do we work to rebuild our relationship or do we go our separate ways?
  • Healing the broken heart
  • Speaking the same love-language
  • Updating the Relationship Map to remain relevant, healthy, and supportable
  • Finding the Fun Again – Ensuring our Relationship Map remembers to play, to laugh, and to enjoy the journey.

In the course of a weekend, I and my team have worked with couples along the entire continuum – people who have just become a couple and want strategies to help them communicate, to become closer, and more loving, as well as couples who have fallen “into a rut”, and feel sometimes they are going through the motions, not fully living and loving their relationship with the passion and fulfillment they deserve.

MapMaking: An “INtroduction” to Creating Your Relationship Map. Often functioning as a primer or preparation for “Relationship Map 101: Introduction to Mapmaking – Discovering Your Relationship Map, feedback revealed that not everyone has a solid background in NLP or mapmaking. Offered since July, 2013, this seminar/workshop helps build the foundation skills needed when creating and updating a Relationship Map.

Playgotiation™. Learn to expand your interpersonal influence! A sister play-shop to Sublinfluence™, this introduces negotiation for the 21st century! We replace antiquated models of zero-sum negotiation with a creative, equilibrium-inspired model that uncovers new levels of impact, of collaborative choice, and improvement in every area of your life. This is our most universal and together with Sublinfluence™, the quickest and most results-oriented way to increase your Influence Quotient™ (IQ for the 21st Century)!

Melting Conflict with Flirtation. This weekend workshop explores how we use the powerful yet subtle skill of flirtation to “melt” the icy portions of conflict, leaving only the clear, easy to understand misunderstanding or disagreement beneath. This is intended for those in intimate relationships of any type.

  • Conflict as a “stuck state” and how do we deal with those?
  • Learn about how using our flirtation rules (within our Relationship Map) to make conflict easier, gentler and more playful.
  • Access more resourceful states and find your way to resolutions with more fun, more enjoyment, and fulfillment.
  • A brief primer on Playgotiation™: How it can assist you in quickly reconciling large differences that otherwise might threaten your relationship.
  • Transform a challenge or argument into a sexier, more interesting interplay.

Please contact us for more information, including pricing and schedule availability. Also, please understand, we won’t invest time in anyone who “Has tried everything and nothing worked”. (Merely wanting to strike this off the list so he can continue to say that.) This is for those that want to live like you mean it, are serious about making your relationships better, whatever the type–professional, personal, intimate–and are ready to admit that you’ve not actually “tried everything”. Not yet.

In addition to one-on-one and group consulting, I plan to bring my own version of the officially licensed NLP Practitioner Certification to my clients. You can become a certified NLP Practitioner, demonstrating and enjoying the robust skills of a world-class NLP Practitioner, helping to…

Change the world–starting with your own™.

There’s more.

And it starts here.