Hello world!

Any of us who have taken a computer programming class or read a book on the subject are familiar with this phrase. It’s often the first thing we learn to print on our screens in this new language. Whether it’s a simple scripting language to C++, and all languages in between, our first step, it seems, is making the program send “Hello World!” to the screen. Fitting then that this is how we begin here.

Next, a question I hear often enough when I’ve just pronounced my name for someone, so as you are only able to read it, it would only be polite to tell you how to say my name. “Gingolph” is spoken as “ZHEN-golf”. The name comes from a town and lake on the French-Swiss border, St. Gingolph. When spoken quickly, it also sounds like a profane statement in Spanish. Imagine the ensuing culture shock when as a child, we moved to a largely Spanish-speaking part of South Texas!

I am a Systems Engineer for a well-respected global technology company in Austin, Tx. My playground often consists of servers, computer networks, enterprise storage, such as storage area networks (SANs), virtualization, and more. That’s when I work with machine systems.

I also work with human systems, and the similarities are enormous. My undergraduate work in college was in Psychology, and I was always interested in both Behaviorism and Cognitive therapies. The latter, by the way, is based upon computerized systems (which, in turn, were developed upon models of human learning, memory, and processing, so you see the irony…).

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